Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lipsy's VIP collection modelled by Millie Mackintosh

Strictly speaking being a Z list is nothing to be proud of, but Millie Mackintosh holds a new fixation. Not only was she labelled the hottest new bod in GQ magazine, she has now launched her very own clothing label courtesy of Lipsy.
For those unaware of her, Made In Chelsea is her debut and her romance distater with fellow actor Hugo Taylor- dont get me wrong I am a huge fan. She is ultra cool, naturally stunning with golden locks.

She has launched a S/S 17 piece capsule collection, trailing through the images her dresses are very similar to Lipsy's premium dress collection, vast use of chiffon and an excessive use of Diamante studs (Yuk!). Personally I am not a Lipsy fan, being a high-street lover I successfully manage to walk past it everytime, not because of the clothing just the pure fact that every girl in any bar,hotel,shop or even newsagents will almost certainly be wearing the exact same dress- I confess it has happened to me on numerous occasions.

The collection is how id like to say 'Cutesy'- slightly sweet 16, prom.

Fortunately for Millie, copious amounts of pouting and a killer figure has resulted in her carrying off these dresses.
Personally my summer style is more ripped Levi's and sandals, but I understand some of us opt for the more glam approach. These are only a few images chosen, but the collection is pretty similar, the most daring colour is a mint green and the rest exhausting the use of nude's- not plain nudes, but embellished nudes! I can almost certainly say I will not be purchasing one the dresses unless my in laws decide to renew there vows, in that case im all in favour for smartening up and looking cutely respectable. 

Also for obsessive watcher's Made In Chelsea returns to E4 on April 2nd. 

See *here* for full range of Millie's Vip Lipsy collection.

Or watch the video. 

Are you a fan of Millie Mackintosh, check out her blog *here*

Whats your opinion? 

Chantelle x 


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