Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lipsy's VIP collection modelled by Millie Mackintosh

Strictly speaking being a Z list is nothing to be proud of, but Millie Mackintosh holds a new fixation. Not only was she labelled the hottest new bod in GQ magazine, she has now launched her very own clothing label courtesy of Lipsy.
For those unaware of her, Made In Chelsea is her debut and her romance distater with fellow actor Hugo Taylor- dont get me wrong I am a huge fan. She is ultra cool, naturally stunning with golden locks.

She has launched a S/S 17 piece capsule collection, trailing through the images her dresses are very similar to Lipsy's premium dress collection, vast use of chiffon and an excessive use of Diamante studs (Yuk!). Personally I am not a Lipsy fan, being a high-street lover I successfully manage to walk past it everytime, not because of the clothing just the pure fact that every girl in any bar,hotel,shop or even newsagents will almost certainly be wearing the exact same dress- I confess it has happened to me on numerous occasions.

The collection is how id like to say 'Cutesy'- slightly sweet 16, prom.

Fortunately for Millie, copious amounts of pouting and a killer figure has resulted in her carrying off these dresses.
Personally my summer style is more ripped Levi's and sandals, but I understand some of us opt for the more glam approach. These are only a few images chosen, but the collection is pretty similar, the most daring colour is a mint green and the rest exhausting the use of nude's- not plain nudes, but embellished nudes! I can almost certainly say I will not be purchasing one the dresses unless my in laws decide to renew there vows, in that case im all in favour for smartening up and looking cutely respectable. 

Also for obsessive watcher's Made In Chelsea returns to E4 on April 2nd. 

See *here* for full range of Millie's Vip Lipsy collection.

Or watch the video. 

Are you a fan of Millie Mackintosh, check out her blog *here*

Whats your opinion? 

Chantelle x 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Kent equine and game festival

Tally ho fashionistas! So being the country bumpkin I am, I thought id update you on my latest event.

Outfit for the day, Tweed, tweed and more tweed or matching Barbour's. If your thinking a country fair- grubby wellies and a puffer think again. I've previously learnt that the means of fashion, is followed into country trends. If your aware of country living you will almost certainly understand the uproar about Dubarry boots, kind of like Manolo Blahnik's in the fashion world. They involve the most exquisite design of leather with suede or three choices of tweed ( obviously sported with a matching tweed jacket). And an Aspinal of London holdall to store the necessities.  
  • Earmuffs
  • A hot flask
  • Mittens
  • A small comb- for windy conditions like Sunday. 

Handbags are the least of the girls worries, dogs are the main arm candy ( unfortunately me my dog is 15st) which mainly influences people to stare in amazement and ask whether he is of the same family as a bear. Personally mini pooches freak me out, so im happy to walk around head to toe in tweed, leading a bear. 

Thoughts? Check out the Dubarry Boots too. 

Chantelle x 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Nails, nails and more nails

Black, red and naked seem to be the only colours which I ever use, very unlike me not to experiment. My hair colour changes pretty much weekly and my obsessions of clothing trends change like the. Besides me barking on pointlessly, I am about to publish my first nail polish post.

Im not a varnish virgin....promise! 

This one is from China Glaze called blue yonder, despite my awful job the colour is gorgeous, and it was only £2.99 in the sale. I love all the mega brands like Nails inc, Chanel, Opi and Essie but my budget wont ever stretch far enough to fork out £12 for one varnish, what do you guys think? Is it worth spending the money or are the cheaper ones just as good? 

These are a few of my fave's but I have a whole selected of Barry M's which are my ultimate greats. ( Cant find them atm :( sorry!


Chantelle x 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Interview with student designer

Hand in hand with camera and notebook unveiled this exclusive interview with Olivia Ronie, 21, Student at UCA Rochester. I uncovered allot about her working ethics and her inspirations. Here are a few images of her collection so far,

Great huh? Lately she has been inspired by abstract shapes, and bone structures. Re-enforcing the skeleton through materials. She has worked with the talented Georgia Harding and is a one women force, if your into Aqua Couture then you will love her work. 

These are some of the fabrics she is using as we speak to construct her latest clothing, I am desperately trying to get the inside scoop on this collection but it is under wraps at the mo guys! 

Who's a designer without a pooch?

A small glimpse into her life, I hope you all like this I will be posting again soon with some more updates on her work. Would love to hear some opinions :)

Chantelle x 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Terry O'Neill- Reworked

Is this a familiar face to you, if not then he will be soon. Terry O'Neill created the most amazing photographs of world famous models such a Bridget Bardot, Jean Shrimpton and Raquel Welch. Until now these lay untouched but O'Neill has embarked on a new adevnture. His images have been used and reinterpreted by the image-makers of today. Leading British and American contemporary artists re-envisage his iconic masterpiece photographs in their individual mediums. 
Studying at uni for three years now, O'Neill's name has been well and tr drummed into my mind, so what better to see than a whole new angle on his formidable work.

These are a few of his artwork, crazy I know but surprisingly the re-inventions are great too. 
There is an exhibition at the Rook and Raven gallery in London, of the re creations which is very impressive considering these images will almost definitely go down in history. He will also be moving his exhibition to Paris and New York. 

Here is the press release for you lovelies, it showcases all the new work, take a look and let me no what you think. 

Chantelle x 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


An inevitable post, my journey of making cupcakes. I am a casual browser of blogs and found the most amazing 'all things fatty' blog which came to a great inspiration to me.

Moving away from fashion for the evening, I enjoyed creating (can I call it art) through baking. This is the foody page exhilarating my taste buds *From the sweet kitchen*. Let me no if you either devour the page whilst reading or get real inspirational like me and create an assortment of messes :/ . 


Chantelle x 

Thursday, 8 March 2012


The inevitable bun, up-do, either a shamble or a blazing success.

A last minute hairdo, Not, half an hour of work. Is there any 'tricks of the trade' to this because every time I fail miserably at creating the perfect rugged looking do. Help! 

Chantelle x 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

O Dr Marten

As if starting March with a very sore bank account is not enough, my favourite alpha women booties are now in collaboration with Swarovski crystal, HELL, yes I agree, what a mixture. Dog days are over, and effortless girly chic is back in. Being a true brand believer I have a healthy collection of Martens and have had a pair of mega cute burgundy heels sitting in my basket for the last three weeks, until now they are well and truly removed and substituted with all four designs of the new collection, dont get too excited the starting price is £330. So maybe in about two years you'll read my blog post with a pair happily in it's right place of my wardrobe, but ill keep you updated.

Just to ease you in, here are a few of the luxury beauties.

6 boot £390

2 shoe £330

3 boot £420
4 boot £442

Rate or hate guys? 

Chantelle x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lookbook nu


What is LOOKBOOK.nu?

LOOKBOOK.nu is the largest online community dedicated to showcasing member-uploaded "street style" photography. Also known as "LB" or simply "lookbook," LOOKBOOK.nu is both a utility that allows members to document their evolving style & a collective gallery from which "lookbookers" and non-members can draw daily fashion inspiration. The most inspiring looks of the moment—as determined by community "hypes"—are displayed on the "Hot" page, while the most recent looks posted by reputable LB members are published to the "New" page. Founded in 2008, LOOKBOOK.nu was created to bring together creative, interesting, and openminded fashion enthusiasts, and to democratically recognize the talents of real people around the world. In a sense, LOOKBOOK.nu is the world's first, truly editorless fashion magazine. 
http://lookbook.nu/- get going. 
You can find my fan page on the right hand side, let me no your pages guys! 

Chantelle x 

New additions

Collar £12

What to finish off the perfect white shirt than a gold collar, I have been looking for one for a while and have since round this one at River Island, it's an easy accessory to brighten up any 'dull days', click *here* to buy. 

Pumps £28

I am in love with studs at the moment, and a pair of gloriously comfy slippers from Topshop wont go a miss. Click *Here* to buy.

Boots £40

British weather, I can pretty much predict a vast amount of rain and windy days and ankle boots are perfect for the mid days where outfit decision are a fatal nightmare. These boots are great and were so cheap considering they are from River Island, also I can warn you in the very near future you will be seeing these as they are so comfy. Click *Here* to buy.

Do you like my new purchases? 

Chantelle x  

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bag lady

A true bag for me is something that fits everything including the kitchen sink in, as most women I can imagine will agree. I found this bag on the Rowme website, if it is your first time using this site you gain a great 20% which I used and got the bag for a very reasonable price of £30 with the discount.

Bad news I am afraid guys.... This bag is not currently on there, but the website is updated daily and will more than likely re appear as it has been really popular. They have an amazing collection of bags also I have spotted a holdal in the same style as the Celine ones which are next on my list along with a variety of other things too. 

What do you think? 

Chantelle x 

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