Thursday, 22 March 2012

Interview with student designer

Hand in hand with camera and notebook unveiled this exclusive interview with Olivia Ronie, 21, Student at UCA Rochester. I uncovered allot about her working ethics and her inspirations. Here are a few images of her collection so far,

Great huh? Lately she has been inspired by abstract shapes, and bone structures. Re-enforcing the skeleton through materials. She has worked with the talented Georgia Harding and is a one women force, if your into Aqua Couture then you will love her work. 

These are some of the fabrics she is using as we speak to construct her latest clothing, I am desperately trying to get the inside scoop on this collection but it is under wraps at the mo guys! 

Who's a designer without a pooch?

A small glimpse into her life, I hope you all like this I will be posting again soon with some more updates on her work. Would love to hear some opinions :)

Chantelle x 

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