Wednesday, 7 March 2012

O Dr Marten

As if starting March with a very sore bank account is not enough, my favourite alpha women booties are now in collaboration with Swarovski crystal, HELL, yes I agree, what a mixture. Dog days are over, and effortless girly chic is back in. Being a true brand believer I have a healthy collection of Martens and have had a pair of mega cute burgundy heels sitting in my basket for the last three weeks, until now they are well and truly removed and substituted with all four designs of the new collection, dont get too excited the starting price is £330. So maybe in about two years you'll read my blog post with a pair happily in it's right place of my wardrobe, but ill keep you updated.

Just to ease you in, here are a few of the luxury beauties.

6 boot £390

2 shoe £330

3 boot £420
4 boot £442

Rate or hate guys? 

Chantelle x


  1. i really love the 2nd and the last ones! wow!!! but not for me :/ (price)

  2. They are great aye! I no it's way to expensive but still we may win the lottery!

    Chantelle x


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