Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Terry O'Neill- Reworked

Is this a familiar face to you, if not then he will be soon. Terry O'Neill created the most amazing photographs of world famous models such a Bridget Bardot, Jean Shrimpton and Raquel Welch. Until now these lay untouched but O'Neill has embarked on a new adevnture. His images have been used and reinterpreted by the image-makers of today. Leading British and American contemporary artists re-envisage his iconic masterpiece photographs in their individual mediums. 
Studying at uni for three years now, O'Neill's name has been well and tr drummed into my mind, so what better to see than a whole new angle on his formidable work.

These are a few of his artwork, crazy I know but surprisingly the re-inventions are great too. 
There is an exhibition at the Rook and Raven gallery in London, of the re creations which is very impressive considering these images will almost definitely go down in history. He will also be moving his exhibition to Paris and New York. 

Here is the press release for you lovelies, it showcases all the new work, take a look and let me no what you think. 

Chantelle x 


  1. black and white photography is one of the best things in this world...

  2. They are such great images, many flaws are unshown too, bonus! :)

  3. Hi Chantelle,
    I am in love with all these pics!!!....the last one is amazing ...really suuggistive

    What do you think abaut follow each other?!
    Let me know on my blog!! :) Then I will follow you back!!! ;) :)

    xoxoxo, Francesca

  4. Loving your blog, especially Fluorescent green mania! such lovely images too!
    Followed :)

    chantelle x


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