Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Skirts over dresses trend

I'll let the images do the talking ( for now )


Sparking off a hot new summer trend, layering- consisting of a dress and skirt, Karolina Kurkova is possibly the only person able to make this look presentable, with the help of an outstanding pair of pins and a lusted figure oh and an effortlessly beautiful Alexander Wang dress. 
The comparison of a skirt or a dress, is dependant on the weather and mood, but comprising the both seems unheard of. 

It seems puzzling but it's great for those days when you are dying to wear both your skirt and your dress, but be sure to check the patterns and colours are suitable, it could very easily go disastrously  wrong girls.

I love this, its an easy way to dress up and old outfit and personally it has not been done in previous collections, I am a lover of new trends, sparkling new trends. Im hoping this hot new idea is here to stay, bold summer prints and an ambitiously bright fluoro will bond perfectly as a dress and skirt combo. Im excited already and I am almost certainly trying this out, outfit post will be added soon. 

Are you on or off board with this? 

Chantelle  x 


  1. I actually like it and the texture it gives the whole look. Lovely blog, by the way. Following you back! X

  2. I know I am waiting till summer to try it out :) thank you very much ! x


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