Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring buys

A glorious array of coloured flavours muddled into one, creating one bright yet unforgettable spring 2012.

These are a few of a huge range of spring items, its such an amazing trend. What do you think? 

Chantelle x 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

20% off Brands

What better to brighten up the end of the month than making a list of things to buy with a 20% off advantage.Whether Feb is a great month because it's short and pay day seems to fly bye, or whether finances and bills are still lumped upon us since Christmas, nothing hits harder than knowing your fave brands have discount's to ease the mind.

This mega cute clutch is a must have,
Aspinal Of London £225

Get 20% this bag by phoning 08450526900 and quote 'LOOK'

Or maybe some fab summer wedges, or a beach bag may be in your sights? 

Tucker Tan £125

Gaelic 2 Tan/Brown £69

Joy 2 blue/suede £85

These are a few of my favourite items, check out the amazing range *Here* they have an amazing selection of courts too, they are the hottest new shoe for S/S 2012 get them while they're in stock. 
To claim 20% off enter 'LOOK20PERCENTOFF' at the checkout. 

Statement Jewellery at Anna Lou Of London
Love at first sight £12.50

Jeanius £35 each

They have some great pieces, im in love with these bracelets, I need them in every colour, they also have some bangles which are really cute and are available in every trend shade imaginable. 
Enter 'LOOK20OFF' at the checkout! 

Last but not least our all time favourite bag company, Fiorelli 

Ibiza Medium Shoulder £49
Hoxton Stachel £69

Maluka Large Hobo Bag £69.00

Wow.... They have an amazing range girls, from every trend colour, to every size and usage. Also new products including laptop cases, phone cases and wristlets to match your bags. 
Check out there Look-book, they have some great ideas and inspiration on there too. 
To claim 20% off these amazing items, enter 'FIORELLILOOK20' at the the checkout. 

Happy Shopping! 

Taken from Look Magazine 

Chantelle x 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Girl crush gone rogue

After a long debate, I have decided to find more opinions on Perry's hair?

I am still in a rut about her, I am undecided whether the Brand crush has gone to her head, along with numerous colours of dye. Is our girl just sticking to her instinct and exhausting all ideas of independence or is this a cry for help? A struggle in the blues of one of the most sexy pin up's three years running, personally I cant quiet grasp how pink, orange or blue can ever be an impressionable hair colour but Katy seems to carry it in a way no other can explore, even Rihanna cant flaunt the red for more than a month. 

Is it ok, or just pure cheek to turn up to the Grammy's with a blue do, in no way am I criticizing Perry but perhaps this time she has slipped too far off the rails, or is she really putting her foot down in the name of fashion and concentrating on the plea for reversing the decline of individuality. 
Overall I am clearly missing the point of the do' but come on now, it's not even a pastel shade.

What do you think people? 

Chantelle x 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Personal Photo-shoot

So, I have been set a project at uni so I thought id share it with you. I have lately been inspired by sportswear, or glam sport. I looked in my library and found a German Vogue which had the most impeccable shoot with Maryna Linchuk, check it out *here*.

These are some of my shots, un-edited may I add guys!

Fyi-, if you havent already take a look at German Vogue, as the photo-shoots are incredible. Undeniably they beat Britain hands down in that department.

What do you think? 

Chantelle x 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Street style at fashion week

Who's outfit do you like best, the extravagant or minimalist? 

Chantelle x 

A sneak preview of the Mark Fast Autumn Winter collection, opinions?

London Fashion Week A/W 2012:What I wore, Day 2

Pants from American Apparel
Jumper M&S (Per-una)
Boots & Hat New Look
Shirt from Joules

With a very late night decision at 11.15 I was frantically rushing around trying to find an outfit which would keep me rid of pneumonia, I chose a very plain combo with a tiny piece of chic. Although my hat did not come in handy when photographers were bellowing at me, from behind. I admit I do feel slighty frumpy and dressed down, it was my best intentions to look for an extravagant outfit, but my sore eyes from restless sleep over-ruled my fashion interpretations. However sitting next to the accessories editor of Grazia wearing a similar outfit, made me feel slightly at ease.  

What do you think dolls? 

Chantelle x 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Street style

London Fashion Week A/W 2012:What I wore, Day 1

Metallic jumper from Miss Selfridge,
 Shirt from New look,
 Skirt Miss Selfridge limited edition
 Boots All Saints Damisi. 

I chose this outfit because I wanted to firstly stand out and team a few trends together rather than sticking to the ordinary, for the first time in fashion history this outfit was not taken from any inspiration just an odd train of thought. My hairstyle was questioned all day, I admit I do look like I have adopted a Victorian silhouette, but it was taken from a tutorial on Petras blog

What do you think about my outfit? Also if you havent already check out Petras blog it has some great inspiration. 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Do we feel guilt after 100

If your thinking age 100, then damn, no guilt, but accomplishment.
Im talking about over £100, there is something sore and guilty about spending three numbers, today I overdosed in Topshop with a painful £112 on two items.
 After prowling the courtyard of Somerset house, I felt deflated that I hadn't splashed out on the most extravagant outfit, id spent a mere £20 on a new jumper in the MissSelfridge sale.

With a short tube ride away Topshop's blazing floral mannequins were staring at me, I had chosen an embellished cami and some formidable peep toe boots, shown here.

Click for products- top bootsjumper

 At the till I was rewarded with a free 'canvas' bag which was supporting an anniversary of Mary Katrantzou's 10th year with topshop . I did question why, because not only was the server slightly forward, freebies nowadays are prohibited. His reply was 'because you have spent over £100', so are we rewarded for spending money we dont really have, or are we being insulted for such a meager reward.

What do you think, do you have the same problem?

Chantelle x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

I thought I would update you on yesterdays antics,

These are a few of the gifts exchanged, I am not normally a flower girl but Valentines is one exception considering roses are so beautiful, I also love keeping them until they are rotting because they make an excellent prop for any photos! And cupcakes, well not a lot needs to be said really.

The outfit , I found this on asos and knew as soon as I saw it, it would be perfect for Valentines. Im not the kind of girl to go all out and find the perfect LRD ( little red dress ) equally with purple hair it would be a hideous clash, black being my favourite colour is always one to take the prize. 
Click *here* for my Jumpsuit, it will make a great all year round item, especially when you have nothing to wear and you remember this little gem is slung at the back of your wardrobe. 

Lipstick for the evening, a favourite in my mac collection. This one is called Hang-up, unfortunately it is unavailable on most sites as it is an old colour but I have found it on the actual website Here for lipstick , it is more expensive on here girls but it's a must have. 

What do you think of my Valentine's outfit, how was your day? 

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