Thursday, 19 April 2012

Scratch Magazine

Today I went to an interview at Scratch magazine for a two month internship, all went well and the girls were lovely!

If you havent heard about the mag its all about nails, they explore all kinds of nail art and interview the hottest celebs including Nicole Scherzinger and Kimmie Kyees ( for those who dont no her- she is the creator of Rhianna's and Katy Perry's works of art. )

Nail prep; 
These gorgeous nail wraps from Topshop, I found them recommended in Look magazine and knew they would be perfect for my interview and the Vogue festival, ultimately they are not as easy as first thought, It took me half an hour of re-pealing and squishing onto my nails, but I got there in the end! 

To try my nail wraps click *Here*
They also sell them at Asos, Topshop and Amazon plus you can get student discount :) 

Look out for these magazines at your local salons and beauty shops, they are a great read.
Learn more about all things nails at their website-


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