Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vogue Festival 2012

Surely the title makes you wee your pants?

And yes considering it was the first year it was run, it was mind-blowingly fabulous.

Anything privileged enough to be sponsored by Vertu is ultimately deemed to excel, 

An impressive cover collection. Apologies in advance for the poor images,

Christopher Bailey for Burberry
Nigella Lawson on Women and food - ( absolutely gorgeous ) 
L/R- Russel Marsh, Marigay KcKee, Matthew Williamson, Lucinda Chambers
Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana
L/R- Pixie Geldof, Anne Robinson, Edie Campbell, Laura Bailey, Mary Portas
Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson

After being rained on endless times and marching from the tube station, a well deserved 'free' makeover with Armani makeup made me feel a bit more, presentable. Click *here* for updates on today's show and all of yesterdays antics.

I hope if you were able to go, you enjoyed it as much as I did, if not its a must for next year.

Chantelle x 

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  1. thanks your sharing,beautiful girl,Love your outfits!You should do more pic! (describing your one shoulder dresses and showing it 360°) would be amazing!


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