Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Three great newbies

Living in the fashion world everything is seen but sometimes unheard, I have found three great new preppy designers which im sure you will all love. I have found these through twitter and personal recommendations, both of them have a list of mine waiting to be brought, I can assure you once you have seen them you wont be able to leave the website without buying. I will admit girls it as all summer clothing but by god its the best of rest, all I can say is get it while it last's. Our mortal enemies - celebs, have not yet plastered the papers with these three great designers, unless 'we' call Z list celebs?

First up - Bambi and Manson, also my item of the week!!/Bambi_andManson

Next up - Lavand Boutique!/Lavand_Boutique

And finally - Unique Bikini's

They are all stockists so you can buy items from all of the sites, let me no what you think and if you have found any that are new, enjoy!


  1. Hey, I love vintage shopping. I just love the thrill of finding treasures that not many other people know of. Thanks for sharing the sites. We'll surely check them out!

  2. Love those photos :) and vintage stuff are best

  3. Me too, I think this summer will be a very exciting one x


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