Monday, 27 February 2012

Girl crush gone rogue

After a long debate, I have decided to find more opinions on Perry's hair?

I am still in a rut about her, I am undecided whether the Brand crush has gone to her head, along with numerous colours of dye. Is our girl just sticking to her instinct and exhausting all ideas of independence or is this a cry for help? A struggle in the blues of one of the most sexy pin up's three years running, personally I cant quiet grasp how pink, orange or blue can ever be an impressionable hair colour but Katy seems to carry it in a way no other can explore, even Rihanna cant flaunt the red for more than a month. 

Is it ok, or just pure cheek to turn up to the Grammy's with a blue do, in no way am I criticizing Perry but perhaps this time she has slipped too far off the rails, or is she really putting her foot down in the name of fashion and concentrating on the plea for reversing the decline of individuality. 
Overall I am clearly missing the point of the do' but come on now, it's not even a pastel shade.

What do you think people? 

Chantelle x 

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