Monday, 13 February 2012

Fashion has turned eco

Giorgio Armani tuxedo 

Eco Valentino gown 

                Giorgio Armani eco-tuxedo

My opinion 
These images are nothing out of the ordinary at the BAFTAs right?
Well considering they still look impressive we have yet to understand that they are eco-friendly, ethical wools and recycled fabric. I fail to understand why we are using 'green' fabrics and condensing our our fashion capabilities in order to help the earth. I believe fashion is the only thing that has not been touched by prying hands of government, so why are we messing around with eco fashion.

Read more on Vogue- Green carpet challenge *click here for Vogue*

Who better to support these ideas than the wife of the man with no voice, Colin Firth. 1930-1940 brought us the great depression in Britain, as you all know we are the chief  D.I.Y inventors, 'made do and mend' forced us to be brutal with little fabrics and sparse accessories, but we made it work. Meanwhile Parisienne Couture were extracting world famous ideas and exhausting our society. Are we resigning as fashion fabricators, lying down the gauntlet and letting our predecessors reign once again?

What are your views on this?

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