Sunday, 5 February 2012

All about trends

Bazaar March 2012- Whether you have read it or not, it certainly contains some amazing pieces. I thought I would share my findings, this season seems to be a slight mixture of key trends. Undoubtably pastels are a must have but they sometimes are not very forgiving when January hasn't been very kind to you and your still embracing the power of blacks and greys, and occasionally a dark red. Bazaar have sewn together an amazing collection of trends which in my eyes will see us through until October time when Autumn and Winter collections begin to disperse.

Art Deco Gucci 2012
Art deco is a very specialised trend but is worn daily without realising, personally I love the trend and think it is very modern chic, with the palette of black white and gold, is it not a very diverse range but is significant. It is a tricky trend to explore as it is very black and white, the simplicity works amazingly well together but can be an abomination as separates. It is a very rich trend and is homed in Paris in the 1920's.

Floral Prabal Gurung 2012
Floral Print a wonderful arrangement of pastel colours with flower prints bursting through the fabrics, Bazaar has taken inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe's tribute, thought designers and high street there is a firm grip on this trend and is seems to in its ideal.
 I love this trend but find it hard to team flower prints with more flower prints, throughout my experience less is defiantly more with floral prints. River island have a great collection if you are looking for tailored suits and some exciting summer numbers.I will keep you updated on this trend when summer arrives.

Haider Ackermann 2012
Androgynous cool, an ultimate chic trend which has followed us throughout fashion, the Alpha women is able to wear a sexy and provocative outfit without being civilised. Our very own Emma Watson has shown the younger generation exactly how to wear this ultimate trend, without forgetting Twiggy who wore her short bob with power and individuality. Black being my favourite colour to wear Androgyny, is within my reach to behave and examine like a true cool customer. It takes a certain type of someone to rock this look without adding an English rose complexion and defeating the whole boyish meaning.

Miami fashion week 2012
 Miami, without sharing my opinion head over to this- an all time favourite trend, River Island have taken Jessie Jay and Katy Perry and mixed them until there glory is formed throughout this collection. A true holiday inspiration is formed,which explode into a blur of vivid colours and patterns, how they work so remarkably is yet to be discovered, but 2012 has opened it's imagination and has given birth to a slice of history.

Let me no if anyone has found any other trends which promote 2012, which are your favourites?

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